If you are interested to know more about the CHCF and competency-based approaches to HR we have produced a guidance document to help HR staff and Managers.  

The purpose of the Guide is to support organisations to adopt competency frameworks, such as the CHCF, as part of a competency-based approach. It contains eleven practical and user-friendly tools and templates that are designed to be used in the most commonly used HR processes.

The guide also contains a background to competency frameworks and the CHCF limiting behaviours framework.

Download the Guide here

Below are links to shortened translated versions of the guide to help with implementation and understanding across different organisations.

Download the Guide in French

Download the Guide in Swahili

Download the Guide in Tagalog

Download the Guide in Arabic

Download the Guide in Bengali

It can be a daunting task to introduce the CHCF to an organisation especially with other existing internal and sector competency frameworks. To help with these issues and considerations we’ve produced an additional guidance document to explain how to best select and integrate a competency framework that is right for your organisation.

ADDITIONAL GUIDANCE: Integrating the CHCF and other frameworks

Below are PDF versions of competency-based tools and templates to be used in basic HR functions when taking a competency-based approach: 

  1. Business case: adopting an organisational competency framework and competency based approaches
  2. Communications plan for adopting a competency framework
  3. Competency-based talent management
  4. Competency-based job description
  5. Competency-based interview
  6. CHCF competency-based interview question bank
  7. Competency-based group assessment
  8. Competency-based reference questions
  9. Competency-based self-assessment
  10. Competency-based performance development – objective setting, personal development plan, feedback and review
  11. Competency-based learning and development planning