Join the CHS Alliance

Procedure for applying for membership

Organisations interested in becoming a member of the CHS Alliance should download and complete a membership application form (full or associate membership) in English and send it to the CHS Alliance along with the following documents:

  1. Statutes, constitution, statutes of incorporation, articles of association or similar document.
  2. Staff code of conduct that includes the prohibition of sexual exploitation and abuse by staff included permanent and temporary staff, volunteers, and consultants.
  3. CHS Alignment Statement that informs the CHS Alliance about the organisation's current efforts and initiatives to implement the CHS.
  4. Proof of non-governmental and non-profit legal status (for full member applications only).
  5. Two most recent annual reports and audited financial statements, including sources of income and current donors.
  6. Names of board of directors, trustees or equivalent.
  7. Confirmation, via the application process, that the organisation or entity commits to the Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality and Accountability and good people management.
  8. Two references, one of which is from an existing CHS Alliance member.

Application approval process

The CHS Alliance Secretariat will:

  1. Review the application against the membership eligibility criteria and requirements, check that the references are in place and seek additional information if required.   
  2. Send for review to the CHS Alliance membership and nominations committee.

The Membership and Nominations Committee will:

  1. Undertake preliminary review of all new membership applications.
  2. Provide recommendation to the governing board.

The Board will:

  1. Consider the application by email or at one of its six monthly meetings.
  2. Be mindful of its responsibility to uphold the CHS Alliance mission and strategic mandates and the potential contribution of the applicant organisation to strengthen the work of the Alliance.
  3. Approve, reject or defer the application based on a majority vote.
  4. The board decision is final.

The CHS Alliance Secretariat will:

  1. Inform the applicant organisation of the board’s decision and if applicable the reasons why the application was rejected or deferred.
  2. If the membership is approved, send a formal acknowledgment to the applicant with a membership package.
  3. Invoice the successful applicant organisation for membership fee in line with the CHS Alliance membership fees structure.

The CHS Alliance will seek to approve all complete applications within two months of submission. For more information on membership, please contact

Membership Application Forms