The CHS Alliance is driven by the common belief that humanitarian and development work is more effective when organisations and their staff are dedicated to improving quality, accountability and people management. By applying the Core Humanitarian Standard, which is grounded in humanitarian principles, an organisation becomes accountable for the quality of its work to the people it aims to assist and on whose behalf it is acting. The Alliance also recognises the vital contribution of good practice in people management in improving quality and accountability.

Members receive a comprehensive and complete service, one that strengthens capacity for improved quality of action on the ground, provides leadership in human resources and people management, and ensures greater accountability to vulnerable people and crisis-affected populations. The Alliance supports its members to improve their performance, credibility and reputation both operationally and among the international community and donors.

As a membership network, the CHS Alliance also helps to collectively advance the voice and the rights of vulnerable people and crisis-affected communities. Membership helps to strengthen quality assurance and self-regulation in the sector, thereby increasing the legitimacy and reputation of every member. Membership of the CHS Alliance is therefore not only beneficial for an organisation per se, but helps to build a humanitarian and development sector that is both credible and effective.

Organisations working on issues relating to development or humanitarian work are eligible to become either a full or associate member of the Alliance (see below for more details). We are a network of nearly 250 organisations, operating in more than 160 countries around the world.

Welcome to the CHS Alliance.