Bringing together more than two decades of experience in quality, accountability and people management, CHS Alliance forms one of the largest and most influential networks of organisations committed to improving humanitarian and development work through the application of standards.

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We are organising a panel within the framework of the 5th bi-annual World Conference on Humanitarian Studies, which will take place on 27–29 August in The Hague. Our panel will explore why our sector struggles to make change happen while we all agree it should. Do you have any thoughts…
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#humtech - a brief introduction

#Tech, a buzzword which stands for our recent ongoing technological revolution, steadily finds its way to the humanitarian sector. The aim of this blog - the first of a series that will explore possible innovation and new technologies to align with the Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality and Accountability (CHS)…
Por Balint Hudecz 11/04/2018