What it is

As part of its member support CHS Alliance is running a pilot helpdesk to support its members applying the Core Humanitarian Standard in the Türkiye and Syria earthquakes response.

This support is made possible thanks to support received from the H2H Network, via DEC and FCDO, as well as other donors supporting the CHS Alliance through Core Funding.

The helpdesk aims to allow organisations to access guidance, advice and coaching on how to better implement the CHS in real time.

The helpdesk is primarily directed at CHS Alliance members active on the ground but we are opening it to other organisations as well. Organisations can benefit from up to two hours time with a CHS specialist to get advice on applying the CHS commitments.

For whom

The helpdesk is primarily for humanitarian organisations working on the Türkiye and Syria earthquake response. While we will prioritize requests from CHS Alliance member organisations, other organisations are welcome to submit requests for support. Issues raised need to be directly related to the implementation of the CHS and its commitments.


The helpdesk is primarily made to provide technical advices on the implementation of Core Humanitarian Standard recommendations, such as: implementation of accountability toward affected people and communities; how to improve information sharing, participation and inclusion ; how to process complaints ; how to ensure a policy is comprehensive yet not too complex; how the CHS is mainstream in projects proposals or operational plans. We are also happy to point you to existing guidance or resources. Lastly, if you just need a perspective on the work you are doing, we can provide that as well.

The helpdesk cannot provide support to funding requests. It cannot draft policies or other documents. It cannot provide networking opportunities unless you are looking for specific specialists.

How to contact the helpdesk

The helpdesk is operating in English and in Arabic.

To contact the helpdesk, write to helpdesk@chsalliance.org

When sending the email, indicate the name of your organisation as well as your role, what the request is about and what outcome you would like from the support. Please do not provide any confidential or sensitive information.

We strongly advise that when contacting the helpdesk, you inform relevant managerial positions within your organisation to let them know that you are doing so. This will maximize the chance for you to implement the advices received and enable your organisation to keep track of the time used with the helpdesk.


Once we receive your email, you will receive a response within 2-3 working days, and if needed, an invitation for a more in-depth discussion via Zoom or Teams.

If we believe the request is beyond the scope of the helpdesk and/or the available time, we will suggest alternatives, including possible consultants that can assist you or other helpdesks.

Please note that we track the type of queries received in order to analyse trends and identify needs for future resources development in line with the CHS. We do not store any confidential or sensitive information. We will not report on who contacted us other than broad type of organisations.

We will send a satisfaction survey to our members at the end of this pilot.

Time period

The helpdesk started on 22 May and will run until 5 September 2023. We will not be able to answer queries after the end of this pilot.


You can direct question on the functioning of the helpdesk to genevieve@chsalliance.org

Additional information

The helpdesk is not a complaint mechanism. Should you wish to report a complaint against any CHS Alliance member organisation, that could not succesfully be dealt with by mechanisms in place within that organisation, please refer to the CHS Alliance complaint mechanism webpage: https://www.chsalliance.org/complaints/