Mette Marie Honore

My background is within accountability and compliance in the humanitarian sector with a strong focus on investigations of misconduct. I enjoy providing training, facilitation and technical guidance to management levels as well as frontline aid workers and other professionals on adherence to standards. As a lawyer, I initially worked in refugee law and human rights and have for the last 15 years added operational and programmatic experience from numerous countries in Asia, Europe and Africa. The operational knowledge paired with extensive investigation experience have put me in a position to undertake independent investigations on demand as well as guide others to adherence to principles for high-standard investigations. Over the last few years, many of the tasks I have undertaken have been related to policy development as well as handling cases of sexual exploitation and abuse and sexual harassment. I have conducted a high number of SEA investigations  and I am familiar with the importance of addressing sensitive (often safety) challenges during such processes aiming at safeguarding all involved, e.g. survivors, witnesses and subjects of concern. I am willing and accustomed to working under difficult conditions, also in hardship locations and understand the crucial importance of reaching out to all staff and volunteers, also in the far field, in the application of standards and values, especially in relation to sexual exploitation and abuse.

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark