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Our vision is ‘Aide et Action changing the world through education’ and our mission that ‘Aide et Action ensures access to quality education for the most vulnerable and marginalised populations, especially children, so they can take charge of their own development and contribute to a more peaceful and sustainable world.’

Organisation activities

In AEA strategic plan 2020 – 2024, we will work to meet the needs of the children and youths of the most vulnerable and marginalized population and we will focus on three program priorities: (1) Early Childhood Care and Education, (2) Access and Quality of Education for primary and secondary level and (3) Lifelong learning and vocational training.

Actually, Aide et Action operate in 19 countries across Africa, Asia and Europe, carry out 75 projects which benefit more than 1.2 million people of which 624 thousand are children and employ over 600 staff members. We make this possible with dedicated supporters and institutions of more than 60,000 who fund our annual budget of €23 million.

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