Gender and Diversity Index
Average score
Requirement fulfilled
1.2: Programmes are appropriately designed and implemented based on an impartial assessment of needs and risks and an understanding of the vulnerabilities and capacities of different groups.
1.5: a. Policies set out commitments which take into account the diversity of communities, including disadvantaged or marginalised people. b. Policies set out commitments to collect disaggregated data.
3.3: Programmes enable the development of local leadership and organisations in their capacity as first responders and promote an appropriate representation of marginalised and disadvantaged groups in local leadership and organisations.
3.6: Programmes identify and act upon potential or actual unintended negative effects in a timely and systematic manner, including in the areas of people’s safety, security, dignity and rights, sexual exploitation and abuse by staff, culture, gender, social an
3.7: Policies, strategies and guidance are designed to prevent programmes having any negative effects such as, for example, exploitation, abuse or discrimination by staff against communities and people affected by crisis, and to strengthen local capacities.
4.2: Communication with communities and people affected by crisis uses languages, formats and media that are easily understood, respectful and culturally appropriate for different parts of the community, especially vulnerable and marginalised groups.
4.3: Inclusive representation, participation and engagement of people and communities are ensured at all stages of the work.
4.4: Communities and people affected by crisis are encouraged to provide feedback on their level of satisfaction with the quality and effectiveness of assistance, paying particular attention to the gender, age and diversity of those giving feedback.
8.5: Staff policies and procedures are fair, transparent, non-discriminatory and compliant with local employment law.
8.7: A code of conduct is in place that establishes, at a minimum, the obligation of staff not to exploit, abuse or otherwise discriminate against people.