CHS Training and Events

We provide a series of on the ground training and introductory events on the Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS) each year for staff of humanitarian and development organisations, to ensure they are aware of and can apply the Standard  in their work with crisis-affected and vulnerable people.

Training we offer:

  • A half-day event to ensure people are aware of the CHS and humanitarian principles in particular
  • Two-day training workshops detailing each aspect of the CHS
  • Training of Trainers (ToT) on the CHS - There is currently a high demand for this workshop. We offer a minimum of three annual ToT sessions on the CHS for 3-5 days in diverse locations. We have been offering training courses on standards for the past five years, formerly as HAP International. In 2013 our ToT had a ripple effect of more than 3000 people trained on standards.

Current events:

Our current events can be found under the Capacity Strengthening page. Bookings can be made using the Events section of our website.

Past events:





Copenhagen, Denmark

The launch of the CHS welcomed over 100 humanitarian leaders and decision-makers representing NGOs, the UN and governments.


Bogota, Colombia

More than 60 humanitarian and development professionals from Colombia and across the Latin American region gathered in Bogota for the launch of the CHS in Spanish.


Paris, France

The launch of the CHS in French attracted more than 40 humanitarian professionals working in Francophone countries, and included French NGOs and NGO consortia, French Ministry of Foreign and International Affairs, and the French Development Agency. The event was followed by a discussion on the impact of certification against the CHS.


Nairobi, Kenya

The Nairobi launch saw 90 participants from 30 different organisations, representing national and international NGOs, UN agencies and donors.



Beirut, Lebanon

Open workshop on complaints and response mechanisms for humanitarian staff working in Lebanon, Syria and Turkey included an introduction to the CHS.


Beirut, Lebanon

This workshop on complaints and response mechanisms with Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) included an introduction to the CHS.


Beirut, Lebanon

UNHCR workshop with the Lebanon Crisis Response Plan partners discussed key elements of CHS.


Johannesburg, South Africa

Two-day introductory workshop on the CHS with Southern African partners of the Church of Sweden.


Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Four-day Training of Trainers workshop on the CHS.


Nairobi, Kenya

Four-day Training of Trainers workshop on the CHS.


Nairobi, Kenya

This complaints and response mechanisms workshop for GOAL included an introduction to the CHS.


Madrid, Spain Two-day workshop on the CHS attended by 25 participants from Red Cross Spain, UNESCO and other NGOs, in collaboration with the Caixa Foundation and IECAH. 25/06/15
Berlin, Germany A half-day training on the CHS, quality and accountability was given to 25 people during a Civil Military Coordination training organised by OCHA. 29/06/15
Geneva, Switzerland Introductory session on the CHS to the Duke University Summer School on Humanitarian Action. 01/07/15
Geneva, Switzerland Two-day introductory workshop on the CHS. 15/07/15

Kiev, Ukraine

Two-day introductory workshop on the CHS.


Geneva, Switzerland Induction on the CHS, quality and accountability was given to 15 representatives of Kuwaiti humanitarian organisations on the request of ICRC. 24/07/15

Other dissemination events

Bogota, Colombia

More than 30 humanitarian and development professionals from Colombia and across the Latin American region gathered in Bogota for a two-day workshop looking into the content of the CHS and best practice in application of the standard.


Melbourne, Australia

CHS presented to a meeting of humanitarians at Save the Children Australia.


Sydney, Australia

Discussion on the CHS and Commitment 8 with the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID)'s Human Resources (HR) Working Group. 


Istanbul, Turkey

A Turkish version of the CHS was distributed to more than 20 participants from Turkish NGOs and a government representative from AFAD. Co-organised by the Civil Society Disaster Platform which includes Support to Life, Neighborhood Disaster Volunteers (MAG) and Mavi Kalem.


Gaziantep, Turkey

35 participants from Syrian NGOs, Qatar Red Crescent, GIZ, UNHCR, Danish Refugee Council, CARE and Relief International as well as an AFAD representative.


Berlin, Germany

20 people from German NGOs, VENRO and the German Foreign Office took part in a workshop on the CHS.


Port-au-Prince, Haiti

60 people including representatives of the Emergency Response Team, Red Cross movement, other NGOs, networks, UN agencies and donors (ECHO and SDC) focused on the opportunities and challenges of the CHS in the Haitian context.


Beirut, Lebanon

Introduction to the CHS at the Lebanon Humanitarian INGO Forum (LHIF) attended by 20 people.


Madrid, Spain

50 participants representing humanitarian and development NGOs attended the event organised by IECAH, AECID and the Caixa Foundation, with a panel discussion between representatives from AECID, IECAH, Save the Children Spain and Philip Tamminga.



CHS presentation and workshop with National Disaster Management Authorities from the region (Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Honduras, Guatemala), the regional disaster management coordination body and other NGOs. The event was organised by a ECHO-DIPECHO funded project led by Lutheran World Federation, Oxfam and Ayuda en Acción.


Bilbao, Spain

Presentation on the background and future plans for the CHS.


Barcelona, Spain

50 participants from NGOs based in Cataluña, and presentations from AECID on how it will gradually integrate the CHS into their call for proposals, monitoring and evaluation procedures. The Catalan International Cooperation office welcomed the CHS’s integral focus on risk reduction and capacity building.